Susie Wong Public Affairs


Building bridges to sustainable communities


Susie Wong Public Affairs is a minority- and woman-owned operated firm providing a broad base of expertise and experience in the development and administration of government funding and public-private partnerships, driving economically and environmentally sustainable communities. Through our leadership and broad base of experience in diverse government sectors, industries and community-based organizations, Wong Public Affairs provides strategic vision and tools, setting us apart.

Our expertise in the state’s climate change laws, regulations and funding provide financial opportunities for local and regional agencies, businesses, and housing and community nonprofits with environmental projects and programs in need of funding.

We have extensive experience with investor-owned utilities and community choice aggregation, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, green building construction, advanced transportation, new mobility technologies, in addition to modeling the use of data analytics to measure greenhouse gas reduction.

Through our broad base of experience, including local economic development, multidiscipline projects and multicultural outreach, we provide an effective community relations component to help build priority projects for a green and sustainable economy.

Our quality services drive each aspect of our business, from operations to management. Mixing business acumen with government savvy, we coordinate every aspect of a comprehensive strategy for a project, and provide a rich blend of technical knowledge, political acumen, and community insight to meet our clients’ needs.




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